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Will all my cracks in my brick and sheetrock close up after the foundation had been repaired?

At On the Level Foundation and Roofing we have experienced foreman that over see the leveling process of your home. We, at On the Level Foundation and Roofing, use your brick and sheetrock cracks as control points. When cracks have closed or elevation readings are near level, the raising process is complete. In some cases debris that has fallen between brick veneer will not allow cracks to close completely. The leveling process will stop to avoid further damage to the structure.

How long should I wait before I can make cosmetic repairs to my home?

We recommend that you give the structure of your home at least 6 weeks to settle, before any cosmetic repairs are made.

Do we still need to water our foundation after foundation repairs have been made?

After a certified estimator completes the analysis of your foundation, they will then design a unique repair plan that is right for the structure of your home. Most foundations only require partial piering. We, at On the Level Foundation and Repair, only repair the area of your foundation that has failed which has caused the structural damage.

Unless On the Level Foundation and Roofing has underpinned your entire foundation inside and out, it is very important that you implement a water program. Only the area of your foundation that has been repaired by On the Level Foundation and Roofing carries a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you need to maintain constant moisture around your foundation to protect areas of your foundation that are not in need of repair at this time.

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